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Dar Al Taqwa Hotel Madinah (Half Board) In Madinah from 27/06/2020 to 05/07/2020 (17th Dhul-Qi’dah to 25th Dhul-Qi’dah).
Fairmont Makkah Clock Royal Tower (Half Board) In Makkah from 05/07/2020 to 13/07/2020 (25th Dhul-Qi’dah to 03rd Dhul-Hijjah).
Dar Salah Hotel Azizia (Full board) In Azizia from 13/07/2021 to 26/07/2021 (03rd Dhul-Hijjah to 16th Dhul-Hijjah) including the 5 days of Hajj.

Extra Addon

Item Price
Azizia Separate Room Charge (Double Sharing 600x2) Azizia Separate Room Charge (Double Sharing) 1200.00
Azizia Separate Room Charge (Triple Sharing 400x3) Azizia Separate Room Charge (Triple Sharing) 1200.00
Azizia Separate Room Charge (Quad Sharing 300x4) Azizia Separate Room Charge (Quad Sharing) 1200.00


Hotel Stay Timeline:

  • 27 June 2021 to 05 July 2021

    In Madinah,Dar Al Taqwa Hotel Madinah

  • 05 July 2021 to 13 July 2021

    In Makkah,Fairmont Makkah Clock Royal Tower

  • 13 July 2021 to 26 July 2021

    In Azizia,Dar Salah Hotel Azizia

What's included

  • Hajj draft.
  • Round trip transport by AC Moalim coach (Provided by Hajj Ministry - Naqaba).
  • Ziyarat’s in Madinah (side trip).
  • Makkah Hotel opposite Haram Sharif with Half board.
  • Madinah Hotel opposite Masjid Nabawi Sharif with Half board.
  • Mina stay will be in Moalim Air Cooler tent (maintenance of the tents is carried out by the government) with single folding mattress, pillow and a normal blanket.
  • Food providing throughout the five days of Hajj except Muzdalifah.
  • Tea & coffee will be available in Mina (self service).
  • Stay in Arafat within Moalim Air cooler tent with food and soft drink.
  • The overnight stay in Muzdalifah (it shall be on open ground). Soft drink & fruit will be provided from Arafat.
  • 2-3 days before Hajj up until the return, your stay will be in the Azizia Hotel with full-board. Men and Women will stay separate in Azizia, with six people sharing a room. All rooms are En-Suite.
  • Food will receive up 15th Dhul-Hijjah (25/07/2021) .
  • Hajj visa (If the government of Saudi Arabia increase visa fees then we will be forced to pass on the new cost to you i.e the customer).
  • Important Note: If the Government of Saudi Arabia restricted Hotel stay to Double or Triple sharing room only then bookings will not be made for Quad or Quint room. All the customers will have to pay as per Double & Triple sharing room prices.


  • Qurbani.
  • Transport for Tawaf-e-Ziyarat.
  • Meet and assist on arrival & departure at the airport for individual passengers.


  • Hotels Rooms are city view or no view.
  • Triple & Quad room will be Twin or King Size plus an extra bed or sofa bed.
  • Price may change without prior notice according to currency fluctuation. (Except confirmed bookings for which 100% of the total amount has been paid).
  • Company will be not responsible for excess luggage and also not responsible for any loss and/or damage to luggage. It will be transported at your own risk.
  • Bed preferences are not guaranteed (in all occupancies we cannot guarantee king size beds or single beds).
  • No refund will be made for partially utilised or unused service.
  • Return Transport provided with Group only.


  • Terms & Conditions Apply*